VANLINKER was founded by a post-90s creative team. They accept emerging ideas and like street fashion culture. They found that no brand of glasses can unify the price, trend and quality. They want to bring a fresh and unique perspective to the stale and overly traditional eyewear industry. Allow young people to get the most trendy eyewear items at an acceptable price.

We are afraid of being defined, we are afraid of the same life. But for the beautiful yearning, it will always be a fire that has never extinguished in my heart. One day, I will walk at the intersection of thousands of people and look down at my own feet.
In fact, many things are not defined and should not be defined.

You can have a variety of attempts and breakthroughs, as long as you like it, and other aspects are even more so. No one can define who you are.

Stay with us, never forget why you started, and let's break the definition of the world.
Ship & Return address:
13901 Yorba Ave
Chino CA. 91710